Bellevue Locksmith Tools

Locksmith Tools Description

The window crank tool.

window crank tool


Screwdrivers and crowbars are not the right tools to take a window crank out of a car door. The right tool for the job is a window crank tool, hence its name. You slip this custom tool behind the crank and pull it off for an easy and damage-free job.

 Light HPC-FAL

car light

A flashlight extension tool makes it easier to see dark areas while still having both hands free to work on car detailing or other intricate projects. This tool can be turned to hone in on the direction where you need the light and it stays held up with a suction cup.

Door Panel Removal Tool

door panel removal

You need a car door removal tool to take apart a car door. This tool is perfect for this job with its special shape. It slides inside the door, giving you the leverage to easily take out the internal retaining pins. This tool helps you complete this task without causing destruction to the car.

Digital Keypad Lock

digital pad lock

A digital keypad lock allows access to a door with the use of a key code on the digital keypad rather than the use of a key. With a key, you would replace the lock if an employee lost or stole the key. In this case, you simply change the keypad code.

The Fishing Pole

fishing pole

When a locksmith needs to open a locked car, he will use a tool he’ll probably call “the fishing pole.” This tool has the shape of a fishing pole, allowing him to fish out the keys from a cracked window, or to pull up the lock or the door handle.

Door lock cylinders

door cylinder

Security door lock cylinders allow business and home owners to protect their investments without paying the money for expensive security systems. You need custom keys from the manufacturer to unlock these cylinders and thieves cannot bump, drill or pick them open. Skeleton keys and locksmith-made keys will not work on these locks.

Door Knobs

door knobs

You will generally find keyed entry door hardware on the doors of your house that lead outdoors. These standard knobs open from the inside with a latch or a key, and from the outside only with the keys that were made for the lock. A locksmith can provide replacement keys if needed.

Flexible Flashlight

flexible light

A flexible flashlight with LED light provides all the light you’ll need for small projects. The light is strong without taking much power so you can see every detail and save money on batteries. Plus, the flexible extension holds the flashlight for you and can be adjusted to face various directions.