Upgrade Your Ignition Cylinder for Security Purposes

Ignition Cylinder in Bellevue

 A strong ignition cylinder will withstand a snapping attack, while you will still be able to drive home. The best ignition lock cylinders will also fend off bumping and drill attacks.

You should upgrade your ignition cylinder for security purposes, because OEM ignition cylinders rarely withstand these attacks. If this happens, consider ignition cylinder replacement.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Ignition Cylinder for Security Purposes

The ignition cylinder is an anti-theft device. If you have a weak ignition cylinder, it is easily broken so that thieves can access the wires inside of it. They then rewire it so that they can drive off with the vehicle. There’s another reason to upgrade the ignition cylinder for security purposes. You could accidentally break a key in the ignition cylinder. So could a thief trying a master key or generic auto manufacturer’s key to try to drive off in your car. A sturdier ignition cylinder won’t break under the abuse.

You want an ignition lock cylinder that will lock the steering wheel during attempted theft. If it locks while someone tries to hot wire your car, they cannot drive off with it. There are ignition lock cylinders that come with pass-code keys; for these ignition locks, you cannot drive off if the key fits unless the key chain or key itself has the pass code for the car.

Additional Benefits for Upgrade Your Ignition Cylinder

There are other reasons to upgrade your ignition cylinder. If the ignition lock cylinder is weak, it could break in a collision. Then you cannot start the vehicle and drive home from the accident. Upgrading to a quality ignition cylinder ensures that the sidebar won’t get stuck, preventing you from starting the car. A good unit won’t get stuck when you try to start it.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Ignition Lock Cylinders

Verify that the ignition lock cylinder fits your car. Ignition lock cylinders vary by make, model and even model year among vehicles. Improve the odds that the ignition lock will work as advertised by buying it from the dealer or a vendor who sells real manufacturer parts. A cheap ignition lock cylinder is more likely to break at an inopportune time.

Have a Bellevue Locksmith or car repair shop perform the ignition cylinder replacement. Don’t try to install it yourself.

Don’t automatically assume that the problem is solved with ignition lock replacement; the ignition lock cylinder may not work when your key is worn or bent. However, if a new key or a perfectly straight key won’t work, replace the ignition lock cylinder.

Buy lock cylinders with warranties. You want one with at least a twelve month warranty, so that you can get your money back if it breaks a few weeks after installation.

Find ignition lock cylinders that are “better than OEM”. These parts are guaranteed to last longer than parts made at the car factory. Look for ignition locks that are endorsed by locksmith associations or meet international standards like the British Standards Institute.

Be aware that ignition cylinder replacement may force you to get new car keys, as well.

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